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Our martial arts school is much more than a simple dojo. We go above and beyond to offer a multitude of courses with interests for everyone from a concerned parent to serious martial artists looking for quality seminars on a variety of topics.

Over the years we have hosted seminars with some great martial arts instructors who shared their experiences, technical knowledge and more with martial artists from all over the Tri-State region. Topics in our seminars range from Kobudo (Okinawan Weaponry) all the way to Combative Karate for Street Fighting. We host seminars throughout the year so please visit our calendar page to see when the next event is scheduled.


Over the years Master Franz has been blessed to attend a variety of training opportunities in various self defense combative methods. We have designed and developed self defense courses for women, children, realtors and much more. Throughout the year we host self defense combative clinics where anyone, regardless of skill or ability, can attend and gain new insights into the mind of a criminal and how to NEVER be the victim. We also host private courses for groups of 6 to 40 on an on call basis. We can schedule yours simply by calling 
(419) 633-3656 to begin the process.


Our traditional martial arts program teaches kids how to handle being bullied on a daily basis but we also offer anti-bully training programs developed for an specialized needs basis. We have done programs for public education all the way to programs designed for factories that are dealing with bullying or harassment issues. The best way to build your strength to handle the challenge of bullies is to enroll in our traditional martial arts program. Through that program children build confidence and self respect which makes them much less of a target for bullies.

Bullying is definitely a tough topic these days and we are not a politically correct training facility when it comes to handling the subject of teaching people to deal with this issue. Master Franz was, himself, a target of bullies from his 8th grade to his 10th grade year. It was only through martial arts training that he learned to effectively combat them.



PPCT Pressure Point Control Tactics - Police Defensive Tactical study of using various vital areas on the body to control assailants.
Krav Maga An Israeli military combative training with reality based scenario focus. Effective but unrealistic for civilians. Very violent and many of the defenses could end with the civilian being the one going to jail.
Close Quarter Tactical  Combatives Includes unarmed and armed training in a live situation against single to multiple opponents. Knife based training and club based training against full contact attacks.
Tactical Restraints Police Defensive Tactics to subdue and handcuff a violent offender.
Anti-Bully Training Non-Violent confrontational method of teaching children how to deal with bullies and remain safe.
Know and Go A great self defense system to teach children how to avoid abduction and to escape from a variety of attempted grabs. Also covers modern methods that are 100% better than the outdated Stranger Danger programs.
Last Resort Tactics Primarily aimed at teach women to fight off an attacker using any means necessary. Very effective and developed by the world's leading self defense experts.
Emergency Response Tactical Combatives ERC is new method gaining interest in teaching correctional officers how to subdue individuals to groups within a confined environment.
Not a Victim Defense A unique course designed to teach women their rights as well as how to avoid becoming a victim of a violent crime.

About Our Dojo

Franz Karate offers the absolute best in Traditional Martial Arts  training for all ages. Our system is Shorin Ryu ShorinKan Karate, which is one of the first systems to be developed in Okinawa. Our dojo has been in operation since 1991 and our goal is top level, professional and authentic Karate training for all ages. Our Master instructor is Steven Franz Shihan. Shihan is a Rokudan, 6th degree black belt, with over 38 years of training in the martial arts certified directly in Okinawa.
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