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KOBUDO - "Ancient Ways" / The Study of Okinawan Weapons


At Franz Karate students have a unique opportunity to train in Okinawa Weaponry programs that are very solid as well as authentic. The Kokusai Rengokai is a very organized system of martial art called "Kobudo". Kobudo translates to mean "Old Martial Arts Way". Karate, while being an empty handed system of self defense was developed over the centuries with Kobudo right along side of it. The system of Kobudo we teach is integrated with the ShorinKan system of Karate and includes highly developed kata as well as application based training referred to as Bunkai with each weapon.

The Kobudo taught at our dojo include the use of the Nunchaku, Sai, Bo, Eiku (Oar), Kama and Tonfa. We also teach Iaijutsu / Iaido which the art of the Samurai Sword. Each weapon has its own purpose and students learn the culture and history of them as well. Students must earn the right to qualify for Kobudo training which takes about 6 months to a year before they are asked to join the program. When the Sensei sees the right qualities in the student they are informed about being accepted into the Kobudo program. For a student to earn the right to train in weapons they will have shown respect, responsibility, discipline and a strong love of Karate. We do not allow just anyone to enter this program as it is typically reserved for students with an intermediate level of training in the dojo.

Nakazato Hanshi's kobudo lineage is very prestigious. Starting in 1935 under Tonaki Seiro, a student of Chinen Sanda, Nakazato studied tonfa, sai, nichokama, bo and nunchaku. After World War II, he received training under the great bojitsu master, Chinen Masami. Some of the bojitsu kata taught in the shorinkan are Shushi no Kun, Sakugawa no Kun, Sakugawa no Kun Dai Ni, and it is said that Tokumine no Kun was once also practiced. The last bo kata, Kubo No Kun, is shared with Ryuei-Ryu and Okinawan Kempo schools, possibly having been passed down from the Bushi Kuniyoshi Shinkichi, who spent his later years teaching villagers in Northern Okinawa his kobudo characteristics and interpretations. 

The Sai kata, Nakaima no Sai Dai Ichi, Nakaima no Sai Dai Ni and Nakazato no Sai(sai dai san) are similar to Kuniyoshi style and are almost identical to those practiced in Ryuei-Ryu/Nakaima-Ryu). Sai Dai Ichi also contains many of the same movements and patterns in Towada no Sai as well as Kuniyoshi No Sai found in Okinawan Kempo groups, with slight differences within the form. 

The second kama kata are Nakazato's however Kama Dai ichi is referred to Nakaima no kama. It is likely that Nakazato created his own kata these after the influences of his instructors. This is very common in Kobudo considering that for a very long time, there were no systemized kata. For instance, Taira Shiken was one of the first instructors actually to systemize or form curriculum for nunchaku-jitsu.

About Our Dojo

Franz Karate offers the absolute best in Traditional Martial Arts  training for all ages. Our system is Shorin Ryu ShorinKan Karate, which is one of the first systems to be developed in Okinawa. Our dojo has been in operation since 1991 and our goal is top level, professional and authentic Karate training for all ages. Our Master instructor is Steven Franz Shihan. Shihan is a Rokudan, 6th degree black belt, with over 38 years of training in the martial arts certified directly in Okinawa.
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