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Pinan Kata - Peaceful Mind Series

The Pinan Kata are an introductory set designed to establish the ability to teach Karate to groups of students at the same time. They have a specific embusen (start and end point) and involve many of the techniques found in our more advanced Kata. It is said that Anko Itosu developed the Pinan Kata because he felt the more advanced, older Kata were too dangerous to teach newer students. When the Pinan Kata are analyzed more in one's training it becomes clear that even this basic set of Kata are very destructive in terms of Bunkai and Self Defense. There are five Pinan Kata. Pinan Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan and Godan.

Pinan Shodan


Pinan Nidan


Pinan Sandan


Pinan Yondan


Pinan Godan