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"MENSORE" - Welcome to our Cyber Dojo Reference Area

This section of our website is created and maintained for current students of our dojo. The purpose is to have several resources available that will help them with their training as they travel their journey into martial arts. It is important to note that even though we offer videos of training materials on this section of the website that no one can learn martial arts through them. Videos are a great reference but never a replacement for a Sensei.

Always remember that you studying Karate and that is not a democracy. A good dojo has a chain of command and the Chief Instructor is always the final say. Your Sensei has traveled the same path as you are on right now, been very successful during his years doing so and has knowledge beyond anyone else in the dojo. Listen and learn from him. You don't have to agree with everything but you will respect the training and your Sensei. Enjoy your training, be consistent with attending classes at the dojo and you will soar to new heights in life!


The Ideal of Karate is cultivate noble character and conducts, and the 
virtue of modesty and courtesy.

No forestalling in Karate. Karate is the military art for self-defense to protect and preserve your life, and never to attack others on your own initiative. 

Perseverance is the root of all the conducts. True patience lies in bearing 
what is unbearable.

Put back your hands when you are full of fight, and retract your fight when 
your hands itch to deal a blow.

Softness is unity. Strength is unity. The ultimate object of human beings should 
be coexistence and co-prosperity in Peace.

Avoid the fights and quarrels even if you were dared to.