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Chinto Kata - Crane on a Rock

Chinto is a very unique Kata and there are many urban legends surrounding the development, and preservation, of this particular Kata. What we do know is that Chinto Kata is part of the Hangetsu / Hakasturu series of Kata (White Crane). The legend states that Chinto was a marooned sailor who ended up in Okinawa. He was stealing food to survive and Matsumura was sent to arrest him by the King. Matsumura, who was the most famous Bushi (warrior) in Okinawa, tried and failed many times. He finally asked Chinto to teach him the unique fighting methods that were used. Chinto concurred and the rest is history. While this tail is great and wonderful there actually is very little proof that it least in that manner. Chinto is very unique because of its use of single leg stances.