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Belt exams are an integral part of learning Karate. It establishes your progress and is a training tool for your Sensei to assist in teaching you the appropriate materials for your current level. Earning a new belt rank is a great honor in a good dojo. Once you have earned each required stripe on your belt you will take your next belt exam. This section includes the belt curriculum for downloading as well as our Kid Tiger curriculum. We also have the Intent to Promote form on here as well. You may wish to bookmark this page for easy access as these materials will help you greatly on your pathway to Black Belt.

ShorinKan Belt Rank Chart Belt Exam Form Kid Tiger Forms & Guides

Belt Rank Guides
Please add these to your folder and bring to class with you

9th Kyu 8th Kyu 7th Kyu 6th Kyu 5th Kyu 5th Kyu Green Sempai
4th Kyu 3rd Kyu 2nd Kyu 1st Kyu Shodan