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Kusanku Sho & Kusanku Dai Kata - To Look To The Sky

The Kusanku series of Kata or very old and, like most Kata, there isn't a lot of recorded history on their development. What we do know is that Kusanku was a Chinese diplomat that came to Okinawa and taught a few different versions of his martial arts form, now called Kusanku. We practice two different Kusanku Kata in Shorinkan. The first Kusanku Sho meaning minor, and the second Kusanku Dai meaning major. The Kusanku Kata are very strong and dynamic Kata with emphasis on heavy Bunkai. They quickly become favorite Kata of most students at purple to brown belt and often remain so through the student's life in Karate.

Kusanku Sho


Kusanku Dai